Mann Elias Signs Of Disability Discrimination

California law and the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act prohibits employers from discriminating against workers who have disabilities. You will need to contact a disability discrimination lawyer if you think that your employer has discriminated against you. An attorney will...Read More

National Origin Discrimination

Employment discrimination harms victims, businesses, and society as a whole. For America to function as an inclusive and modern society, jobs must be available to all types of people. No one can face discrimination on the job because of their...Read More

Overtime Pay Disputes

Of all employment law disputes, including harassment and discrimination cases, wage and hour disputes are the most common brought forth by employees. In wage and hour disputes, it is the overtime pay rate and an employer not crediting overtime hours...Read More

Workplace Retaliation

When an employee is involved in a suit at the workplace, it is a common assumption that at some point, the employer is bound to retaliate especially if the winner of the suit is the employee. Finding a dedicated retaliation...Read More

Bonus Disputes at Work

There are times when employees are offered a bonus which can raise some miscommunication and misunderstandings if not explained in detail. An employer needs to know if they are required to pay bonuses to those employees that are leaving. If...Read More

Wrongful Termination

Terminated for the Wrong Reasons: A Brief Overview of Filing Claims and Much More Introduction It is one thing to lose your job because you did not do it properly. It is quite another to be fired from your job...Read More

You Can Be Disabled and Still Be Employed

Have you heard the acronym ADA? It stands for American with Disabilities Act. This law protects qualified Americans with disabilities from being discriminated in matters relating to employment decisions. However, the issue common with disability discrimination is being certain of...Read More