October 15, 2019

Employment discrimination harms victims, businesses, and society as a whole. For America to function as an inclusive and modern society, jobs must be available to all types of people. No one can face discrimination on the job because of their race, sex, ethnicity, disability, national origin, or other characteristic protected by law. If you or a loved one have suffered discrimination because of your national origin or another reason, contact our employment lawyer near you.

What constitutes discrimination?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces employment discrimination law, defines employment discrimination as the taking of an adverse employment action against an employee or job applicant because he or she belongs to a protected class. Adverse actions can occur in the areas of hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, training, benefits, and any other term or condition of employment. It can also take the form of harassment, which includes repeated or severe mistreatment of an employee because he or she belongs to a protected class. For example, making rude and hostile remarks about a person because they come from a certain country would constitute harassment based on their national origin. If you are the victim of workplace bullying, contact an employment attorney right away.

What constitutes national origin?

The EEOC defines a person’s national origin as the foreign country, region, or part of the world from where he or she immigrated from. Though the term national origin may describe a country, discrimination does not have to tie to a nationality. It could also arise because a person is from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, or other region. If you have experienced this type of mistreatment, you should quickly seek advice from an employment lawyer near you.

How can an employment attorney help?

When employees experience harassment and discrimination, they feel understandably distressed. When this conduct occurs, it is necessary for the victim to report the conduct to the company HR department.

LA area employees can seek advice from a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer before making an HR complaint. Our employment lawyer Los Angeles CA can also assist in filing a charge against the company with the EEOC or the State of California. This is especially important in cases of discriminatory or retaliatory termination, as complaints must be filed within 180 days. When necessary, our Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer can file a lawsuit in state or federal court.

If you have experienced national origin employment discrimination in the LA region, request a free consultation from the law firm of Mann & Elias. You will be in contact with one of our employment lawyers who will protect your rights.