October 15, 2019

Terminated for the Wrong Reasons: A Brief Overview of Filing Claims and Much More


It is one thing to lose your job because you did not do it properly. It is quite another to be fired from your job “just because”. Getting fired from your job “just because” is not a good enough reason. Did your boss give you a valid reason? You do have the right to bring false claims against your boss.

An Employment Attorney

The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced employment attorney. You could be entitled to damages including money damages and a nice severance package.

Did you get fired from an illegal standpoint? That is the first thing any wrongful termination attorney will ask you. How do you know if your firing did happen illegally?

1) Has something happened between you and your boss involving sexual harassment? Sexual harassment happens on different levels and each case is different. Click here to see a full guide as to what constitutes sexual harassment.

2) Did you face discrimination of any kind? Discrimination is a broad term and there are many underlying levels.

3) Did you get fired based on your boss breaking an oral or written agreement? A wrongful termination lawyer is going to need to know this.

4) Did you file a report against an employee and now the boss is seeking revenge by firing you? A wrongful termination lawyer will need to know that.

Each case carries a different penalty. You need to be honest with your wrongful termination attorney about what happened. You need to show documented proof of what happened.

What happens when you do not have proof?

What you have is a case of “he said, she said” without the proof to back it up. Employers are smart and vindictive. They have ways of making you look guilty, especially when you are not.

5 Tips to Help You After You Have Been Fired

1) You need to stay calm. Your former employer wants you to react to his negative actions.

2) Do you have an employee handbook? Read it and show it to your lawyer. You will need to be aware of the provisions because your boss will use them against you.

3) Find out what they promised you and collect the information. Make sure it is written down because you can use it to back up your case. Employers do not expect their employers to keep a written account of everything. You need to prove your boss wrong.

4) You cannot back down. Do not let your boss intimidate you on any level. The second he intimidates you is the second they wins.

5) Return any company property and let your lawyer guide you. Let your lawyer do the talking and learn as much as you can about the process.

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