September 15, 2019

The employer-employee relationship comes with a variety of rights and responsibilities. For the safety and security of current and former employees, it is important that employers do certain things and refrain from other things. Laws governing employer-employee relationships can vary by industry, and there are certain restaurant worker rights that especially or even exclusively apply for those individuals who are employed within the food service industry.

Restaurant laws for employees are not limited just to current employees. Some laws also extend to former employees as well–either from unjust issues that arose during the term of employment or even improper termination of that employment. Restaurant worker rights cover a range of issues including areas such as the legality of working “off the clock,” employee rights to self-organization, a denied workers’ compensation claim, violations of privacy, workplace safety concerns, sexual harassment, improper termination, and other issues.

It is important to protect your rights as a restaurant worker. If there has been an issue involving of an employer failing to meet legal obligations or having violated your rights as an employee of a restaurant, there may be standing to pursue legal action against that employer. That is why it is important to consult a restaurant worker rights lawyer to explore what are your best options.

A restaurant worker rights lawyer is a trained expert in handling cases involving those who are employed within the industry. It is important to turn to someone with this specialty, because there are certain things that do make the restaurant industry a bit different from some other employers.

If an employer in the restaurant industry has committed a potential violation of your rights, there is help available. We are experts in restaurant laws for employees. Contact our team of Los Angeles employment lawyers and we can assess your case and help you consider what options are available to you.